The Temple Spiritualized

             King Solomon’s Temple has always been at the forefront of our ritual symbolism. Aside from its mathematical applications and the secret work that went into the building itself, we see a path laid before us. As neophytes we are placed between the pillars of J and B standing on the porch of the Temple preparing to enter. These are the pillars of mercy and severity as written about by Qabbalists. We need to balance these opposing forces in order to gain admission to the Temple. We stand to walk the middle path.

             An example of the middle path/way can be found in Buddhism where the seeker endeavors to live by certain precepts. Examples are right speech, right action, and right thought. The middle pillar is the path of the righteous in the eyes of God.

             We can use the principles of Masonry to become that righteous man who endeavors to reunite with his Creator. I am not referring to our reuniting in physical death, but to live life with a conscious connection to God in adherence to the principles giving to us by Him. The Mercy Seat has been abandoned and the Temple of Jerusalem destroyed. By mastering the middle path or pillar of the Qabbalah, we can enter the Holy of Holies and utter the sacred Word. Our reward is the descent of the Shekinah once again into our spiritual Temple.

Worshipful Brother,

Nic C.