Another month is behind us in our Masonic Journey this year.


Another month is behind us in our Masonic journey this year. We’ve managed so far to bring four Brothers to the craft in our first Entered Apprentice degree of the year.

During the closing after the degree, I had asked the Senior Warden how should Masons meet. His response was, “on the level”. I then asked the Junior Warden how should they act. His response was, “by the plum”, and my response was, “and part upon the square.”

When I was first initiated and learned that all Masons are ‘on the level’, or on equal footing, and viewed the same regardless of vocational stature, wealth, social or political position or any other self-elevating title, I was blown away. That there was a place where men could meet and interact as one, the same, equal, was nothing short of heaven for me. Living in a world and working at a job where people look to get over on you to further themselves, coming to the Lodge on Tuesdays, for me, became the true reality of life; a place where I can, for the first time, be myself and the good man that I am and want to be. How inspiring was that for me! I found my home among my Brothers.

Brothers, remember how you felt when you were initiated. Remember how you felt when you realized your first bit of Masonic knowledge, or, that one thing about yourself you always wanted or desired. We all felt it. We all know. We can never go back. Keep this in mind this month and impart your feelings, your story, your knowledge, your inspiration to our newly initiated Brothers.

“In token of friendship and brotherly love, I extend to you my right hand.” Extend your hand and your heart Brothers! Be ye all of one mind!

‘Thoir brosnachadh dhuinn athair neamhaidh’. (Inspire us Heavenly Father.)

Ken Long – Worshipful Master