Freemasons Run What?

I’m sure you all have heard those conspiracy theorists that claim the Freemasons run the world and I’m equally sure that you have chuckled to yourselves that the Freemasons in your Lodge cannot even conspire to order dinner let alone control our ever changing and complex world. Let’s, however, suspend belief for a minute and imagine that those conspiracy theorists are right and the Freemasons do control the world. What kind of world would we live in? A world that is kind, courteous, tolerant, charitable, peaceful, fair, just, benevolent, trustworthy, orderly, considerate, respectful, pious, honorable and upright? A world where all our politicians cast their vote and propose bills based on the purest principles of virtue and morality. A world where the leaders of the world meet on the level. A world where all our CEOs, business leaders and labor leaders act by the plumb. A world dominated by truth and morality. Quite a utopia we would have. So to all those conspiracy theorists I say take a look at the nightly news, read the headlines, surf the web and you will see the clearest evidence that the world is not ruled by Freemasons. Too bad! Perhaps world domination should be put on the trestleboard. There was a time during the Age of Enlightenment when many prominent Freemasons promoted our philosophy and instilled our principals in the formation of a new society. The founding of our country is an example of that age. Unfortunately for humanity that time has passed, but its legacy is rich as it continues to give us the great scientific advances and political and economic freedoms we enjoy. We must guard that legacy with our lives – our lives you may take but our way of life – never.

We know that Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morality. It is more than just an organization of like-minded individuals. It is a philosophy, a way of life. Philosophy is the foundation of a system, and a system is the structure on which every society is built. Evil societies are built on evil philosophies such as Nazi Germany. Dysfunctional societies are built on dysfunctional philosophies. Can you think of a modern-day dysfunctional society? Caring, benevolent societies are built on caring and benevolent philosophies. Spread the light Brothers. Live your lives as true Masons. You don’t need to show up to every meeting (although we’d love to have you) to live in accordance with our purest principles ever mindful of the duty you owe to God, your country, your neighbors and yourself. Our core philosophy should govern our conduct. Be active in your communities and, by example, be a beacon of light for the profane and unknowing. Perhaps our philosophy will once again prevail and become the structure on which a new age is built. Right thinking leads to optimistic action which yields successful results.


Live True

Worshipful Bro. Ralph