Greetings from the East!


Well, here it is. My first Master’s Message. To be honest, it still hasn’t set in yet. With all the commotion and uncertainty that was 2020, the idea that I would ever be in a position of leadership, either at my job or within our Fraternity, never even occurred to me.

Sure, plenty of Brothers have sent their congratulations and well wishes but hearing the words “Worshipful Master” before my name, or when an officer or brother requires my attention, still affects me differently. I am truly humbled that you all allowed me to hold this office.

That being said, we have a lot of work ahead of us. We have been unfortunately tied down by the mandates of our local government, but let me assure you, this will not stop us from remaining a beacon both within our community and within Freemasonry. Brotherly love and friendship cannot be affected by this virus, so don’t let it stop you from reaching out and reminding each other that we are our Brother’s keeper.

Patience, my Brethren. Remain vigilant while we are apart. Celebrate the times we do get to see each other. Forget not the obligations you took. We will all get through this, and when we do, the event will be memorable.

WM Andrew