My Brothers,

One of the many things that was said to me as I made arrangements for my year in the East was that I would learn things about myself. Although it has only been a month, those lessons are already starting, and I would like to share one with you all.


Some say it’s a virtue. Others, like myself, have a hard time finding it. Still, no matter how hard it is to obtain, we all must attempt to utilize it. If things are built too hastily, their foundation may not be properly laid, leading to a collapse of the entire structure. Patience allows us to step back and analyze a situation and determine the best course of action.

Patience is also the natural enemy of anger. Anger is quick and voracious, devouring clear thought and mindfulness without a care for the outcome. Patience slows the mind, grants us the ability to see through the fog of anger, and focus on a goal that will be the most advantageous to all involved.

So, be it through music, meditation, prayer, or whatever allows you to find it, I ask you, my Brother, to find and use patience in all of your endeavors, so that they all may be in your favor.

Be the builder, not the shovel.

WM Andrew