Greetings from the East!

Winter is coming to a close and spring is around the corner. One more month of on and off cold weather. The time changes and daylight savings time works to our advantage.

It brings more light, the Masonic fuel. It’s a time of renewal. Days start to change from gray and dark, to starting to see shades of green and bright. How does it change you? It seems as though people have more energy, more enthusiasm and a general awakening. I know for me, it’s as if a switch gets flipped and everything starts to seem right again. I am excited to get some projects moving and enjoy some evenings outside at the Lodge. The Lodge is open and growing. We have made it through most of the dark winter while enjoying the fellowship and brotherhood at the Lodge. Momentum for our year is picking up. I think we are hitting our stride and getting comfortable in our roles. As I converse with the Past Masters, our Entered Apprentices, and our petitioners, I see so many similarities in thoughts and experiences, we are all of one mind. It is truly an eye opening and heart filling experience serving as Worshipful Master. You all are making me a better man.

This is the way I had hoped things could go, the virus that’s name shall not be spoken withering away, our attendance up, and a positive energy in the room growing as we move into longer days. I hope you are feeling the same. Our Fellowship Hall is alive every Tuesday with conversation, laughter, ideas and experiences. I will continue to ask those of you who have not been around to come back, at least for a visit. Someone could benefit by just a few words from you or maybe it could benefit you as well. If you need a reason…. your Brothers miss you. If you need help getting to the Lodge, please contact me or one of the officers.

Thank all of you who continually stop by, stay late, and give your free time to maintaining the Lodge. For making it the place where we all want to be.

Peace and Harmony,
Br. Lee
Worshipful Master