Greetings from the East!

There is, however, a much narrower sense of family that shares the same values that we experience each time we come to Lodge. That family is the Brothers we see on a weekly basis whom we have a stronger connection with. These are Brothers who we have come to meet their children, significant others, and/or parents over the years. They are also part of our family. These are the Brothers we have relied on for advice and assistance over the years. Those that we have spent time with outside our Masonic home and in our own homes, that we have shared experiences and made memories with, that the term Brotherly Love hits a bit deeper.

The Masonic Family is a loosely defined grouping of organizations that are in some way related to the Freemasons. These groups encompass The Scottish Rite, The York Rite, The Shriners, The Order of the Eastern Star, The DeMolay, and the International Order of Rainbow for Girls, to name a few. All these organizations have the same core values at their heart: Faith, Hope, and Charity; and all emphasize them a little differently.

We cherish the time we spend with these Brothers and their own families, which become an extension of our families. Just as with our own family, when there is joy, we share in the happiness, when there is surprise, we share in the excitement, and when there is hardship, we share in the sorrow. We care for them just the same as they care for us and ours.

Keep these thoughts of what family means the next time you greet a Brother and consider how their lives are intertwined with yours. A Brother is not just in fellowship, a Brother is much more. A Masonic Family may be loosely defined, but we know that there is a clearer definition which ties us together.

I hope to see you at our next Family gathering, Brother. Until then, may the blessings of Heaven rest upon you.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Br. Lee Friedland
Worshipful Master