Greetings from the East!

When I first started my Masonic adventure, little did I realize how strong my bonds would be for my Brothers; some that I know well and some I have not yet met.

A Masonic trestleboard is a design board for the master workman (Architect) to draw his plans and designs upon to give the workmen an outline of the work to be performed. In today’s terms, we might call it a blueprint. It is believed that Hiram’s trestleboard was a piece of wood covered with wax. He would draw the plans for the work to be accomplished each day and, at the end of each day, scrape off the wax and cover the board with a fresh coat of wax to ready it for the next day’s use.

We were born in iniquity, in the days long ago, when man first dreamed of God. We are not a religion though we are bound by a belief in a Supreme Being. We are a fraternal organization that encourages morality and charity and studies philosophy.

We are committed to learning. In our hearts, there is wisdom, strength, and courage for those who ask. By signs and symbols we learn, and then teach, the lessons of life and death and the relationship of man with God and of man with his fellow man. We strive for truth. It is one of the first lessons we learn in Masonry. We learn how to cope with the truth while keeping our passions within due bounds. We, as Freemasons, are a society dedicated to free thinking and freedom of all kinds.

We are free men, tenacious of our liberties and alert to lurking danger. We are committed to bear the responsibilities due to God, our neighbors and ourselves. We use our tools to find ways to assist orphans, Widows and relieve the pain of the old and destitute.

We strive for beauty and symmetry in all we do and work to develop the tools which we will use to smooth the rough and superfluous parts of our being. We acknowledge the importance of time, that it can be measured, and that it is our most valuable asset and to use it wisely.

Our arms are open to all good men and true, of good report, who may seek us of their own free will and accord and share our belief in a Supreme Being and an afterlife. Masonry is a place where you can be sure every man is a true and trustworthy friend and Brother.


John Perri

Worshipful Brother