Greetings from the East!

As the hourglass reminds us that our time here is finite, the sands are draining quickly on our year together! The next two months gives us only three regular meetings before our Installation of the 2020 Officers!

I have always looked forward to this time as a Mason here at Olive Branch as I’ve felt the bonds of brotherhood even more. As Brothers we get to look fondly back on the year at our accomplishments and recognize ways, we have grown either together as Brothers or personally.

You may have heard it said that personal growth has a schedule and a goal to be achieved. Perhaps that’s good for some but I like to think of it as a realization within you which can take you by surprise. As we live in the human condition, we strive for perfection but cannot ever attain it. I can share with you that while reviewing my obligations as a Mason, I have realized that I have missed the mark from time to time. After every meeting, we are charged to remind an erring Brother of his failings. The more import part of this is to aid in his reformation and to suggest the most charitable judgment, or more simply to offer a kind and caring suggestion. This, gentleman,
is the essence of Brotherly love!

So, my Brothers, I charge you to reflect on our year together. What did it mean to you personally? What have you learned and in what ways have you changed as men and Masons? What will you take with you into next year? I look forward to speaking with you about it at our meeting on November 12th.

See you in lodge!

Ken Long – Worshipful Master