Greetings from the East!


It is my honor to serve you from the East this year! I am very fortunate to have such dedicated and strong men and Masons to accompany me on this journey through 2019.

Many look on the New Year as a chance to improve ourselves, our situations or a new opportunity for change. Although the weather may not be as uplifting as we would like, it can be a time of anticipation of what’s to come and for what is possible in our lives.

Others may look on this with dread, consternation and fear of what’s to come. Perhaps they are in the midst of a tough fight in life or cannot free themselves of the meaner daily events which seem to overwhelm them at times.

As Masons, not only do we have a greater knowledge of ourselves and our place in the world, but the most important fact here is that we have each other! We are Brothers. We are there for each other. Not only is it because of the obligation we’ve taken, but because we want to! It doesn’t end there. Everyone falls into our care and aid. No hand should reach out to us for aid without our response.

So as we begin this New Year together Brothers, keep in mind each other and those you could help by even just a kind word or a smile which will show who we are inside…Good Men and Masons.

I look forward to sitting in Lodge with you all!

Ken Long – Worshipful Master