Hidden in our allegories there is a lesson about the spiritual death of man. We will be forever bound by the elements unless we learn to master them. Have we not been taught to sever those passions that bind us to this world? There is an allusion of the severing of those ties in our first degree. Stripped of our sinful vestments and outward displays of pride we are brought down to the level of the natural world.

After which, we can recall a beautiful piece of work coming from the mind of William Preston. His intentions were to educate us into the mysteries of this world. We are fortunate to have a world of research at our fingertips. This was not the case in the 18th century. Be wary of our newfound education, for when we stand before God he will not ask us how much we know. These instructions are but a means in understanding our spiritual destiny.

Finally we are slain by ignorance, passion, and desire. Have we failed or does this end mark the reconciliation of our journey? Your answer will come from solitary contemplation and prayer.

To the reader searching for answers, I have revealed much. If none of this makes sense then keep searching. Let’s endeavor to master ourselves so that we can master the world…

Worshipful Brother,

Nic C.