This space reserved for the Masters Message has become a canvas for me to share thoughts and ideas that manifest into my mind. Until becoming a Mason I did not have an outlet for my thoughts. They were able to lay dormant in my mind and I would build on them as I learned new information about each concept. Here is one of those manifestations.

    The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet (aleph-bet) has always been of interest to me. With each letter there is attributed a number and also a concept or idea. The Sefer Yetzirah, or book of formation, says that God crowned and combined each letter and created the universe. In Genesis 1 of the Old Testament the first letter used is Bet, which is the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. What interests me is the context of the first verses where God spoke and it was. Why would the Bible not start with the first letter of the alphabet, Aleph? When you begin to pronounce the letter Aleph there is a pause and silence in the back of the throat. What follows a sound that is best described as “Ah”. From nothingness, a sound is manifested. That sound is the vibration of the universe. It is the primordial essence from Gods mouth. This is presumed to be one of the reasons that the first letter of the Bible begins with the second letter, Bet. From nothingness, is created something.

    Aum is a mantra in Hindu and Buddhist practice that makes a vibratory tone in the chest and back of the throat. I would suggest this mantra for connecting with the aforementioned primordial essence, or spirit. There are certain “words” to be found in our ritual that can be used in a similar manner. I will leave it up to you to find them and apply them to your practice…

                            Worshipful Brother,

                                                        Nic C.