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6:30 pm OBL Meeting @ Olive Branch Lodge
OBL Meeting @ Olive Branch Lodge
Apr 24 @ 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Lecture: John Theophilus Desaguliers by WM Bob Howard Menu: Chicken Cacciatore
10:00 am Open Installation of OES @ OB16
Open Installation of OES @ OB16
Apr 28 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Open installation of Officers for Molly Pitcher Chapter for 2018 / 2019 star year.
10:00 am Lodge Cleaning @ OB16
Lodge Cleaning @ OB16
Apr 29 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Help from any Mason or Appendant Body Member is greatly appreciated.
5:00 pm IRIS
May 2 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
6:30 pm OBL Meeting @ Old Masonic Temple
OBL Meeting @ Old Masonic Temple
May 8 @ 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm
12:00 pm Xavier Confirmation Party @ OB16
Xavier Confirmation Party @ OB16
May 12 @ 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
TIPS Certified Brother Required. $100 use donation

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    • Greetings from the East! March 2, 2018

      To become a Mason in the ancient world, you had to go through three different stages of education: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and then Master Mason. Becoming a Mason afforded the individual significant advantages not easily acquired in the ancient world. Becoming a Master Mason meant the opportunity to gain wealth and status as a common man that was all but impossible without that education.

      Our ancient Brethren recognized that the knowledge that was afforded to an Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason was so valuable that it needed to be guarded. To protect that knowledge, they wove into their process not just lessons of skill, but also lessons of morality to insure that only men of good character would hold their precious secrets.

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    • Greetings from the East! January 25, 2018

      The goal of Masonry is to take good men and make them better. This sounds like a “bumper sticker” but it is true.

      The fraternity of Freemasonry, when actively pursued, does produce better men. With an investment of time to learn the foundations of Freemasonry from learned Brothers, to meet and be with other like-minded men, to actively support worthy causes within our communities and to reflect on our obligations will in most every instance result in a man who is more attuned to those around him… his spouse, his children, his neighbor.

      Such improvement is not achieved simply by receiving the degrees and paying dues. The value of Masonry is realized through continued and regular interaction of Masons, who true to their obligations, challenge and support each other to realize the potential in one another. To those Brothers and Past Masters who have challenged and taught me either directly or indirectly to meet my responsibilities to the Craft, I thank you.

      Your example by action and willingness to judge with candor has helped to mold the man and Mason I am today.

      Our challenge is to continue to promote our Fraternity through our daily interactions with those around us. We must continue to grow as men worthy of emulation.


      John Perri

      Worshipful Brother

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    • Greetings from the East! December 26, 2017

      It is truly an honor for me to have been elected as your Worshipful Master for 2018, and I pledge to do my very best to carry on the great tradition of leadership that has been so faithfully maintained by all of the great men who have had this privilege before me. I am humbled to be able to count myself among the esteemed Masters of this Lodge and I am looking forward to an outstanding year!

      I would like to express my gratitude to all of the Brothers who have served so faithfully as Officers during 2017, and who will be serving as Lodge Officers this year. It is wonderful to have such a dedicated group of Brothers, who all have such passion for the craft, and such commitment to helping our Lodge be the best that we can be.

      We have much to do and I look forward to the continued support of not only the brothers who have always been there when needed, but more importantly seeing the newer members get involved and learn what it is that attracts us to this fraternity and the voyage we have embarked upon.

      I will be seeking this year to continue to have Masonic Education be one of our primary areas of concentration, so that we may have many opportunities to learn and reflect upon the lessons that Masonry teaches us in our pursuit of becoming better men.

      In closing, I hope everyone has had a safe and happy holiday season; a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy New Year’s, and I look forward to seeing all of you, and serving all of you in 2018!

      John Perri
      Worshipful Brother

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