Greetings from the East, June 2019

“The action of helping or doing work for someone.”
“Millions are involved in voluntary service”
synonyms: act of assistance, good
turn, favor, kindness, helping hand;
assistance, help, aid, offices, ministrations
“he has done us a great service”

The definition of service can take many turns and have many meanings. I was honored this past Memorial Day to lead a group of men and Masons, at least 20 strong, in the Freehold Memorial Day Parade. I often looked behind me during the parade to see many of the best men I’ve ever known walking with me. Normally we do not expect much applause or clapping during our march as many do not know or understand who we are or what we do, but at the end of the day, that really falls on us.

During the parade, I was pleasantly surprised by a group of people who began clapping and applauding us and I heard someone shout, “Thank you for your service!” I realized that we do serve the community but have much more work in that area and indeed, it is a work in progress. Whether many more people acknowledge that in next year’s parade should be of little matter. What’s more important is that we do the work and keep up our diligence in this respect, not for praise (which is always nice to have) but that we as men and Masons know we’re doing the work, doing the service and continuing to increase that service to others. Every human being has a claim upon our kind offices.

Lastly, remember what is of equal importance is the service we do to each other. Remember, at this Altar… Care for each other, be kind, look through the eyes of your hearts. Remember that your Brother’s shoes are not yours. Reach out, be respectful, extend your hand and remember we are all one with each other.

“Tha sinn mar aon, a tha coltach ri cridhe, a ’dìon creideamh a’ cheartas”

“We are one, of like heart, defending the faith of righteousness”.
(Inscription on a tombstone from a cemetery near Roslyn Chapel, Scotland, of a man who died in the 16th century claiming to be a Knight Templar.)

Ken Long – Worshipful Master