There was once a time when churches were built from stone. Cathedrals were built over decades and in some cases centuries. Edifices were erected all over the world by peoples of various religions. These structures had a specific purpose, and typically that purpose was to praise and worship God. In some cases, people of all faiths spent their entire lives working to create a monument that they would never see completed! It would be hard to deny that this was a testament to man’s commitment to God. Faith in God was the strength of a community and a nation. Do we share that common bond today that transcends all religions?

My intentions are to direct the reader into a thought pattern. That state of mind that comes from glorifying God in all we do. Is every action based in strong moral rectitude and love? For me, the answer is no. It was written in other words that the weakness of man necessitated the need for perceptible ritual and ceremony. I need to be reminded at times, through practice, my need for God. When I pray or meditate in ritual fashion it is a display of humility. This humility will allow me to walk humbly in the eyes of God.

Non nobis, Domine, non nobis,

sed nomini tuo da gloriam.

Walk with faith, Brethren.

Worshipful Brother,

Nic C