The Grass is Greener Under Your Feet

I was on my way home from a great vacation scrolling through FaceBook looking at everyone else’s vacation pictures when I realized how lucky we are. Who was in Caribbean, who was lounging in their pool, on the links in Scotland, down in South America, riding in their antique convertible, out on the Harley, in their boat, in California, Vegas, Myrtle Beach, or on the beautiful Jersey shore. I suddenly realized that we are rich! We really are rich. We may not think of ourselves as rich because of who we compare ourselves to. There’s always someone who has a nicer this or that. It is a basic human tendency to think that the grass is greener on the other side. However, if we would only take the time to lift our feet we would see the grass is greenest where we stand.

So many of us fall into a rut and fail to recognize our own good fortune. Pick up your feet and see how green your grass is! Let the light of gratitude shine within you. We should live our lives in eternal gratitude to the GAOTU for the manifold blessings He has bestowed on us and not be covetous or envious of what our neighbors may have or do. My father always told me that comparisons are odious and, like with so many of his sayings, it took me only about 40 years to figure out he was right. Envy and greed cause wars. Gratitude and understanding are the messengers of peace.

Wealth comes in many forms: money and possessions are but two of the most obvious. Money and possessions are fleeting and do not last. They represent a physical wealth that we have accumulated for ourselves. Moral wealth consists of the people around us: our family, friends and co-workers. It consists of the things we do for others, the things we create, the happiness we give and receive, the charity that we donate, and our contribution to the community at large. Moral wealth is eternal and can be shared. Remember this: when you share your physical wealth it dwindles because it is finite. When you share your moral wealth it multiplies because it is infinite.

So, go out today to some quiet place and tell yourself the story of how lucky you really are. Give thanks to your Creator for the generosity He has bestowed on you. Then go home, hug your significant other, kids, dog, cat, best friend and thank them for being part of your incredible world. Thank everyone whose life has touched yours. You are living inside a dream of your own creation. Your thoughts are the foundation of your reality. Square your thoughts by the square of virtue and morality and build the most beautiful cathedral you can imagine. Think your happy thoughts.

Live True
Worshipful Bro. Ralph