Greetings from the East!

Brethren, I hope the spring season is treating you well. I can’t believe how fast this year is moving. I was told by Past Masters that it goes by quickly but, it feels like I was just installed yesterday. It’s hard for me to believe we are a month away from the Lodge going on refreshment for the summer.

I wanted to share this letter with you, my Brother, especially those we haven’t seen at Lodge for some time.

Dear Brother,

Remember when we first met. Neither of us knew what to say, so we started the way most great friends do, with “hello, my name is…” From there, one could say the rest is history. But it’s that history that is so important.

There are so many things I miss about you. I miss seeing you smile when I say something unintentionally funny. I miss our fellowship, and discussions when it was just a few of us downstairs. I miss the way you were an open ear, a shoulder to lean on and someone to laugh with, all in one package.

I miss the way you could offer insight when I needed it, a new perspective on an old situation. I miss the way you seemed to understand me even when I couldn’t find the words for what I really wanted to say.

What happened to us? A better question would be, what happens to all great Brothers? We grew, we changed, we lived. It’s an inevitable reality that we all face. I didn’t see it coming. In fact, I didn’t see it happening until I was looking at it from the present. I was peering into the past at the life we all used to live.

Changing is an integral part of life attempting to figure out who we are. Through that growth, it might mean finding your true self. But it can also mean losing touch with a Brother or two in the process. If your friendship is a good one, a strong one, it will survive. It might take a little more work than some things, but if it’s worth it to you and your Brother, you will find a way to work it out.

I certainly hope that you can find a way back to the Lodge. After all, I miss you.

With Brotherly love and respect,
An Olive Branch Brother

I hope to see you all soon.
Peace and Harmony,
Br. Lee
Worshipful Master