Greetings from the East!

Summer is almost upon us. That means the Lodge will be on refreshment soon. This is a break, a chance to refresh.

Our lives are full of craziness. Our moods and the way we experience things change all the time as we react to what unfolds around us. Occasionally, we need a chance to take a breath, to not think about anything, and to just be. Over the break, make sure you take that moment. If you are vacationing, enjoy that time; take advantage as we don’t get away that often. This does not mean take a break from your Masonic obligations, however. Never forget that we are Masons outside the Lodge mixing with the world amidst its
concerns and employments.

We are still at the Lodge on Tuesdays sharing Fellowship and practicing ritual. Our Officers for 2023 will be working over the summer focusing on their work in new chairs and learning their ritual with our Past Masters.

While we are together at the Lodge, take advantage of the opportunity to have discussions with a Brother to help you work through something that is bothering you, plan to achieve a goal, laugh, or just to let it out again some relief. This is the house we share with our Brothers. A safe and comfortable place to decompress and take a break.

While we will be busy at times over the break, we will also make sure that there is downtime to enjoy and relax.
Traditionally, Summer, is the time to practice and prepare. However, it is still a time to enjoy the Lodge.

As I have asked all year, almost in every message, to those of you who have not been to see us in a while, please come back. There are some great things happening and I am always looking forward to the opportunity to see you.

We have had some great success this year so far, and I am truly looking forward to the latter half of the year.

Br. Lee
Worshipful Master